THE FMLY STORE is the new shop from Selfish Mother. 

As you may have guessed from the name - this is store for the whole family.

THE FMLY STORE is very much a family business. Created by Molly Gunn, founder of Selfish Mother with input from husband Tom Mangan, a music producer. Molly and Tom have been married since 2005, and work together most days as well as share childcare for their two boys, Rafferty, 6 and Fox, 4 and little daughter Liberty, born in May 2017.

At THE FMLY STORE you'll find #GoodTees by Selfish Mother which raise funds for ace charities (see below), plus MOTHER products such as candles, notebooks & tote bags, and unique collaborations with the likes of Tiba & Marl, The Bright Company, Cheryl Rawlings and Loopy Makes. 

As well as our thriving online store, THE FMLY STORE now have a bricks and mortar store, too! We opened our doors in Bruton, Somerset on 30th November 2016. So far we've welcomed a host of customers from near and far, as well as christened the space with parties and events... find out more, here!


Selfish Mother's #GoodTees were created with the simple idea that selling clothes shouldn't just be about profit - they should do good, too! #GoodTees are more than just items of clothing. The T-shirts and Sweatshirts not only look good and feel good, but they support GOOD causes. 

From the original MOTHER Tee, which Molly Gunn created in July 2014 to support Women for Women UK - the #GoodTees brand has grown thanks to brand's 'wear and share' philosophy and supportive crew on social media (thank you!).

#GoodTees has donated £617K to charities as of July 2017. Simply by donating every time an item is sold. As of October 2017 we donate £5 per adult and child's item. These donations have been divided between the following charities - which we truly believe in, and are all doing amazing work in different areas: Women for Women UK, Kids Charity, Help Refugees, The Refugee Council, Starlight UK, Yazda, Save The Children and Mothers 2 Mothers. Discover more about their amazing work on our CHARITY PAGE.


SelfishMother.com is a blogzine for likeminded women created in 2013 by Molly Gunn, soon after she had her second son. What started as an outlet to 'fess up what she really felt about motherhood, Selfish Mother has grown into a brand recognised as a force in the New Mother Movement. Launching with only 10 writers, Selfish Mother now has 2K writers who share what they are really thinking about life. The site receives around 10K readers a day. Have a look! SelfishMother.com  

Molly is curator of Goodness at SelfishMother.com, a site she launched for likeminded women in 2013. Prior to launching Selfish Mother, Molly was a lifestyle journalist, cutting her teeth on fashion desks at The Guardian, The Telegraph & ES Magazine before going freelance to write for Red, Grazia, ES, Stella and holding maternity cover positions at Net­-a-­Porter.com and My-Wardrobe.com.

Molly and husband Tom have two young sons, Rafferty 6, Fox 4, and little daughter Liberty born in May 2017. They live in Bruton, Somerset - where they opened The FMLY Store shop in November 2017.

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* Ace illustration of Molly, Tom, Rafferty & Fox by brilliant Josh Bristow (joshbristow@live.co.uk)